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  • Gisele

    Hello, Welcome!
    Twinklemama's blog is my online pitstop of a mom's everyday run through the different facades of living in this fast-paced city of Shanghai. We very often brush past cradles of inspiration, beauty and happiness without saying hello.

    This little journal chronicles just some of these things that I had time to stop by and admire. I like creating things and find a lot of joy sharing some of my twinkling thoughts with you. I love to hear from you and especially what inspires you. I can be reached at twinklebygisele@gmail.com.

:: Twinkle’s First Bazaar! ::

Happy Thanksgiving! It has been rewarding and exciting to share things that I love with you since I started twinkle. I just wanted to say a big thank you for supporting twinkle, making this tiny speck of star so very special and shine ever so brightly! I’m thrilled to announce that twinkle will be participating … Continue reading

:: Shanghai :: Winter Fashion ::

Happy Monday! With temperature dropping to an average 16 degrees, I would say that Autumn is over and winter has begun! Excited? Time to take out those thermals, sweaters, boots, coats and scarves. I’m most excited about scarves because they are so versatile, functional and stylish! Love them! Here’s a video that shows you 25 … Continue reading

:: Inspiration :: I See Stripes ::

Other than polka dots, I’m also a big fan of stripes! Stumbled upon these lately and find it too hard not to pass it around. Enjoy! Inspired? Have a great weekend ahead! Gisele

:: Shanghai :: Fresh Red Dates ::

Have you seen fresh red dates before? For more than thirty years, I never knew they look like this when they are fresh! My nice Shanghainese neighbor brought me these bright looking fruits the other day and I was stunned when they told me that they were red dates! They tasted like very very crunchy … Continue reading

:: Inspiration :: Sticker Wallpaper ::

For all the stickers lovers out there like me, this is for you! Forget about sticker albums, American artists Payton Turner and Brian Kaspr has a brand new way to display your sticker collection! I was blown away when I read the description, “Each wallpaper pattern is made up of thousands of hand-applied stickers, and … Continue reading

:: twinkle :: Custom Order Felt Bins ::

I’ve been busy designing these felt storage bins for a friend lately. They have to be of certain measurements to fit a shelf she bought for her girls for their new home. I had a lot of fun in this project from designing to choosing of materials, constructions and detailing. I’m very happy with the … Continue reading

:: Shanghai :: Hairy Crab Season ::

One of the comforts before the arrival of the grueling winter will be the Hairy Crabs season! Yes, it the most anticipated season of the year, when one gets to enjoy the succulent tiny little crabs blessed with a massive amount of golden creamy roe. And only, exclusively in China. During this season, in every … Continue reading

:: Shanghai :: Halloween ::

Happy Halloween! Before I had kids, the Halloween that I know is an excuse for adults to dress up, get drunk and party. In Shanghai, part and parcel about living in international communities is the exposure to different cultures. Halloween is one of them and is now officially Phoebe’s favourite holiday! Trick or treating is … Continue reading

:: Inspiration :: Cut Out Letters

Can you believe these are actually paper cutting and not the pages from a notebook? Artist Ann Vought is the creator behind these interesting and intricate paper cutting. She elevates “writing” into a new art form by painstakingly cutting the script text out of letters and notes to create a typographic display of words and … Continue reading

:: Scrapbooking :: Yearly Scrapbook ::

I don’t consider myself as a serious scrapbooker but I definitely enjoy making and looking at scrapbooks. There’s something magical about looking and touching tangible photos compare to looking at them on the computer. It feels more human, warm and intimate. Scrapbooking can also be very time-consuming because it requires a lot of effort. I … Continue reading