Playdate @ Chihiro’s

Love this vintage looking Roley Poley! When was the last time you see one?

We were over at Chihiro’s house for playdate today! Chihiro is Phoebe’s(my daughter)Japanese classmate in school. They have been classmates for almost 3 years since they were 2 years old.

At home, while the kids gets crazy, the moms gets cozy over a cup of warm tea and lots of yummy treats. Nothing can be better than this!

Song is more commonly refered as Chihiro’s Mama and is married to a Japanese, hence their daughter’s name, Chihiro. Doesn’t make sense? Anyway, Song is amazing in Ikebana and she give classes at her home in Shanghai during her free time. She is simply remarkable, I’ll let those pretty pictures speak for her. If you love flowers and want to learn more about the zen way of flower arrangement, try taking classes with her. She can be contacted at Classes are taught in Mandarin.

Best find in the house? A bright red ROLEY POLEY! She makes a lovely sound when you gives her a shake. She’s a gift from Chihiro’s Grandma in Japan. Made by Toyroyal.

When was the last time you see a Roley Poley? Send me a picture.


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