Weekend Craft Project: Cloth Angels for Japan’s Earthquake’s Fundraising


Just pretty!

The only help I offered, detailing the face!

Stringing beads to decorate the angels!

Our little angels!

Packing them and Viola! Done!

Hello, How’s your weekend? Our goal for this week is to make something pretty to sell at Phoebe’s school bazaar on Monday. There’ll be a fundraising event for the Japan’s Earthquake victims and I pledge a table to share among other moms. We will be selling lots delicious of food, books, used toys and clothing.

I wanted Phoebe to understand more about things happening around her and how we can be supportive and helpful so I came up with this craft idea. I don’t think she fully understand what’s going on but she knows that someone is sad and we can do something for them to make their life a little better.

Here’s the criteria of the craft:-

1. Must be easy, so my 4 year old can do it by herself with minimal help.
2. Must be something already in the house. No more buying anything.
3. Quantity must be small to ensure managability.
4. Must be something meaningful and FUN!

We brainstormed and we came up with the Cloth Angels! Viola! Fits all the criteria. The original idea behind the cloth angels are the Japanese Rain Doll (Teru Teru Bozu). While the original rain doll is believed to bring sunny weather, I hope our Cloth Angels will bless everyone in Japan and the rest of the world.

That’s all for now, have a great weekend!

One Response to “Weekend Craft Project: Cloth Angels for Japan’s Earthquake’s Fundraising”
  1. cheyannewong says:

    AWESOME idea and gift!! WOW!! I’m impressed by your creativity, Twinklemama!! hahaha!! But then again, the most creative person I know isYOU! haaha!! AS usual lah, adding your special touch to the eyes!!! hahaa!! Think : BLYTHE (back in the day….)

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