:: Inspiration :: Polka Dots

If you like polka dots like me you’re going to love Yayoi Kusama. I stumbled upon her portfolio yesterday and was just blown away. Then I realized she was the genius behind the decorated Orchard Road in Singapore in 2006. A quote from her:- “…a polka-dot has the form of the sun, which is a … Continue reading

:: Craft Ideas:: Favorite Easter Craft Ideas

In Singapore Easter is more commonly known as Good Friday and it’s an official Public Holiday. If you are feeling crafty this holiday season, try out some of my favorite Easter crafts this year! How-to: Fill ice cream cones with jelly beans. With a small knife, carefully cut two holes into the sides of each … Continue reading

:: Craft Project:: Paper Mache Dinosaur

School holiday is here! It’s the time when I don’t have to wake up early and try to get Phoebe to school in time. It’s a nice break from those stressful morning and we could focus on things we rarely have time to do like cuddling in bed till 10 and catch up on some … Continue reading

::Spring is here! Shanghai Botanic Garden::

The long-awaited spring is finally here! After six months of winter it’ finally getting warmer. Tress are budding and flowers are blooming everywhere. This is the best time to garden or start a mini one like me if you don’t have one in the first place. I don’t exactly have green finger and the only … Continue reading

::Inspiration:: Babushka Overload

I’ve always loved these little russian dolls! There are many names for them; Matroyshka, Babushka and the most commonly used, Russian doll. I personally like to call them Babushka, because it just sounds a tad cuter! There’s something magical about them. Cute and mysterious. Here’s a post dedicated to all the Babushka lovers out there! … Continue reading

::Shanghai:: Old Station Restaurant

Want to see Shanghai the good-ol way? This charming restaurant serves Shanghainese food and you could actually choose to dine in the carriage. Great place to take visitors and kids, Phoebe was fascinated by the idea of having lunch on a train. Her only complain was the train wasn’t moving. More details here.

::More DIY Ideas Around The House : Jars & Bottles

I love glass jars and bottles! Here’s some creative way to reuse them:- Which one is your favourite? I can’t decide!

::Beauty:: Refreshing Nail Ideas

Sick and tired of your same-old same old nails? Jazz it up and brighten up your day! Here’s my favourite:-

DIY Ideas: All Things Doily

Love doilies but don’t know what to do with it? Here’s some ideas that I like :- Read more here. Read more here. Read more here. Any other doily craft to share?

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