DIY Ideas: All Things Doily

Love doilies but don’t know what to do with it?
Here’s some ideas that I like :-

Doily cookies! I'm gonna try this!

Doily Table Runner

Read more here.

Doily Vase

Read more here.

Kid friendly craft- Doily Lamp

Read more here.

Doily Curtain

The Ultimate Doilliies Dress! My Favourite!

Any other doily craft to share?

2 Responses to “DIY Ideas: All Things Doily”
  1. teresa says:

    doily !
    your post reminds me of a school project that i did last time…sewing a crotched doily on a pink shirt and then cut away the area behind the doily.
    another was patching doilies onto jeans and cut the area behind the doilies or patching doilies onto jeans, and simply keep them worn and aged.

    you can also wrap doilies around dried flowers to make potpourri pouches.

    have fun and i love your stuff .

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