::Inspiration:: Babushka Overload

I’ve always loved these little russian dolls! There are many names for them; Matroyshka, Babushka and the most commonly used, Russian doll. I personally like to call them Babushka, because it just sounds a tad cuter!

There’s something magical about them. Cute and mysterious. Here’s a post dedicated to all the Babushka lovers out there!

Do you have one when you were little? Actually, I don’t!

A little history here.

An amazing blog about them here.

Crocheted babushka

Babushka stationery set

Babushka teaset

Babushka make up kit

Beautiful babushka glass

Babushka pencil case

Babushka tape

Babushka stamp

Babushka cake

Babushka cookies! I want to bake these!

How about a Babushka ring?

Babushka dolls

Babushka tatoos!

The REAL Babushka.

That’s all for my babushka obsession for this week. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I do.

Have a great weekend!

3 Responses to “::Inspiration:: Babushka Overload”
  1. Sherine says:

    I think we used to have when we were young but you can’t remember…
    Those wooden ones with many more inside???
    Jareth have one!

  2. cheyannewong says:

    I like the Babushka Make up set!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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