::Spring is here! Shanghai Botanic Garden::

The long-awaited spring is finally here! After six months of winter it’ finally getting warmer. Tress are budding and flowers are blooming everywhere. This is the best time to garden or start a mini one like me if you don’t have one in the first place.

I don’t exactly have green finger and the only plants that survived in our home are cactus! Last week, me and Phoebe tried planting lavender, touch me not (love these when I was little) and dandelion. Lavender budded but the other 2 still hasn’t. We are still hopeful that they’ll grow, they are teaching us what patience and perseverance are.

Now is the best time to go to the Shanghai Botanic Garden. The cherry blossoms and peonies and blooming.

Cherry blossom



White peonies

Pink peonies

Forgot what are these called. Do you know?

Interesting looking tree


Grandma and Phoebe

Budding trees

Gorgeous! But I don't know it's name, do you?

Pigeons on the roof

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