:: Craft Project:: Paper Mache Dinosaur

School holiday is here! It’s the time when I don’t have to wake up early and try to get Phoebe to school in time. It’s a nice break from those stressful morning and we could focus on things we rarely have time to do like cuddling in bed till 10 and catch up on some art and craft around the house.

Yesterday, Phoebe pulled out a book that I don’t even remember it existed. Art Attack was the title. It’s a book featuring some of the arts and crafts from my favourite TV show when I was little. The host, Neil Buchanan, is one of the most creative person I know.

Phoebe decided on this

So, Phoebe’s decided to make a Dinosaur from the book. This is what we’ll need:-

2 short cardboard tubes (from toilet paper)
Scrap paper
Toilet paper
Sticky tape
PVA glue

We enjoyed running around the house finding the materials that we need.

Materials that you'll need

Step 1

Cut the cardboard tubes into half, you need 4 of these to be the legs. Tape them together at the bottom of the balloon. Next, scrunch papers and tape it to the body to form the head and the tail. It should look like the picture when it’s done.

Skeleton of the dinosaur is done!

Step 2

Wrap toilet paper around the body, neck tail and feet, then brush on the glue mixture ( 2 parts of glue to 1 part of water). Cover the dinosaur with a couple more layers of paper and glue, then leave it to dry.

Brushing the glue mixture on the dinosaur

Cover the entire dinosaur with toilet paper and let it dry

Step 3

Paint the dinosaur and add details to it. Phoebe added sequins to give it some bling, eyelashes, blush and lipstick because it’s a female dinosaur. Add another coat of glue to give it some gloss and let it dry. Viola! Done! You have a Dinosaur!

Our Dinosaur, isn't she pretty?

Kissing her Dino

Smiley Dino

Tips and notes:
I think this craft is more suitable for older kids, maybe 5 or 6 year olds. Phoebe still needs a lot of help especially with the construction and pasting the toilet paper on the dinosaur. She enjoyed the painting part the most! And of course sprinkling the sequins on it. The hardest part for us was the waiting time for the drying.

Have fun trying out this craft at home! Send me a picture if you made one. We’ll be making more for sure.


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