:: Shanghai :: Utsuwa Meshi @ Jiashan Market ::

Hi my friends, I had a chance to catch up with a few friends and their kids at this charming restaurant on Jiashan Market this week. The owner has filled the restaurant with his extensive collection of beautiful antiques. Furniture, ceramics, old records, fans, posters, and other art forms makes every corner a pleasant surprise … Continue reading

:: Vintage Inspired Japanese Kid’s Label ::

Hi my friends, Today, I’m sharing with you this colorful collection from a Japanese Clothing Company, BooFooWoo. Their creations are full of colors and prints. I love them! I think only kids could get away wearing them. What do you think? Official website here. Here’s some of my favourite from their 2011 Spring/Summer Collection:- Do … Continue reading

:: Top 10 Easy & Eco Handmade Gift Ideas For Teachers ::

Hello my friends, I know it’s not Teacher’s Day yet but I’m posting this so you can plan ahead (you need to start collecting some of the materials). Do you scratch your head like me when Teacher’s Day is approaching? Don’t know what to give? Love these gift ideas because they are easy on your … Continue reading

:: Inspiration :: Phat Knit

For all the knit lovers out there, this is for you! Phat Knit is a series of hang out furniture created by Bauke Knottnerus, a Rotterdam based designer. He is inspired by the 1980’s using materials often thought of as homely to create totally original works. More of his creations here. Aren’t these cool?

:: Inspiration :: Fabric Applique Art ::

Hello my friends, Today, I’d like to share with you this amazing artist that I stumbled upon. If you love fabric like me, you’ll probably love her work too. Great inspiration for quilting projects! Yoshie is an artist and illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. She works mostly with mixed sewing media. I just love the … Continue reading

:: Cool Science Experiment :: Rainbow Milk Swirl ::

Couple of weeks ago, Phoebe came home from school very happy and excited, trying to explain to me this cool science experiment that she did in school. After listening to her I realized we had those stuff in our kitchen and it sounds interesting and easy enough to try the experiment. So guided by her, … Continue reading

:: Craft Project :: Cloud mobile ::

Phoebe had fever last night so she didn’t make it to school today. To make her feel better we decided to make a cheerful cloud mobile. Here’s what we use:- 1. Clear plastic wrap. 2. Embroidery thread in white and blue. 3. Thick upholstery needle. 4. Cotton stuffings. 5. Felt in baby blue. 6. Wooden … Continue reading

:: The Cooking Mamas ::

No, this is not the game in your iPhone but a group of Singaporean and Malaysian moms and grandma in Shanghai that bond through the love of cooking. When you’re around Singaporeans, food and shopping will top any conversation. Never lack of the best and latest information about everything. Beautiful, intelligent and resourceful, these are … Continue reading

:: Happy Birthday, Sista! ::

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday! Yes, I forgot, I’m such a bad little sister! I’m dedicating this post to my dearest sister! Happy Belated Birthday! Sherine is one of the people I care most in this world. She’s someone I go to when I need to hear the truth. She’ll tell you as it is. … Continue reading

:: Blue Shanghai White

Phoebe’s artwork has been selected by a celebrated ceramic artist in Shanghai, Haichen to be featured in her collection to raise funds for the needy children where these ceramic are made. Glazed into white ceramic mugs, these children’s simple and creative artwork are now serving to raise funds to help the needy boys and girls … Continue reading