:: What To Do With Kid’s Artwork? Top 10 Ways To Manage Kid’s Artwork ::

“Every child is an artist.” ~Pablo Picasso

I love Phoebe’s artwork! They never lack of originality, imagination and surprises. Each of them is a reminder of her growth and a mark on the milestones. I’ve been collecting them for years now and I have tons of them. And I mean TONS of them. If you are like me you’ll probably be facing the same problem as me, they are exploding and you are running out of space to store them.

Over the years I’ve learnt to choose which one to keep and which one to toss. The rule of thumb for me is that it has to be flat and look unique. I took digital pictures of those that are not so I won’t feel guilty after tossing them. I also have a box that I store all her artwork, once it’s full, I know it’s time to choose and start new projects with her artwork.

Luckily, there’s many creative ways that you can do with them. Here’s the top 10 of my favourite list:-

1. Digital Album

The most space-saving way to store artwork. Downside is you don’t get all the texture. I use this mostly for her 3D art like milk carton robot and plastic bottle sculpture.

2. Portfolio

I keep a portfolio of her best work and categorize them by years. Year 1, 2 and 3 in one album, 4 in one, and so on. Subsequently, I’ll have one every year.
Yearly Portfolio

3. Art Box

Those artwork that didn’t make it to the portfolio are here. Also forces me to choose her best work when it’s full.

4. Wall Art Display

I keep a seasonal wall art in the living room. These would be the latest and most up-to-date artwork by her. I keep them here for 3 to 4 months before they go into the portfolio or box or toss.

Our wall display

Nice art display wall

5. Scrapbook

I’ve not done this but you could make a scrapbook of the digital pictures artwork.

6. Art wall hangings

This would be nice in her room. Check out photos below.

Wall hanging of a collection of digitized artwork

7. Postcards.

Favourite among grandparents. Instead of greeting cards, scan and print those artwork into postcards and send them out!

8. Calendar

Another grandparents favourite! You can get this made in most photo lab where you can choose 12 pictures for each month of the year.

9. Wrapping paper

Those big art pieces or collages can be used as wrapping paper perfect for kid’s birthday parties!

10. Gifts

Frame them and give them out as gifts. A hit among my friends! Phoebe once drew a friend’s wedding and we decided to frame it up and gave it to them. They loved it and you can still see it in their living room today!

Artist at work

What do you do with your kid’s artwork?

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  1. cheyannewong says:

    WOW!!! A truly inspiring post!! I love it!! Shall use your ideas next time…. haha!!

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