:: Creative Handmade Gifts & Eco Gift Wrapping ::

I love giving and receiving handmade gifts. There’s something magical about them, they just warms your heart especially when you live in the world where anything and everything comes from a store and is machine-made.

I also understand that in this modern world, we don’t have the luxury of time to make and create things, we’re lucky if we get enough sleep! So I combined both, personalized store-bought gifts! Time saving plus handmade! Win win!

I don’t think Rebecca will have time to check my blog when her wedding is tomorrow! So you get to see her wedding gift before her. Lucky you!

Hangtag on the cover of the album

To make the hangtag, I sew a small doily between 2 pieces of contrasting mesh fabric so the wordings are still readable. Then I glued wooden beads and eyepins to the feathers and sew it on the hangtag. Next, attached a string on top the hangtag and glue it at the back of the cover of the album. Viola!

Inside of the album

On the first page, I glued a big doily, then I wrote the name of the bride and groom on another cardstock, cut them out and glued lace around it. Attached it to the big doily. Done!

Finished product!

Eco gift wrapping using magazine pages

This is easy to wrap because it already comes with a box. All I did was cover it with magazine pages, add scraps of lace, ribbons and beads, tied them together and add a hangtag. Purr-fect!

Detais details details!

Sneak peek for Mischa, my little niece

I also made a pre-decorated album for my sister who had a 6 months old baby. I know the first year she’ll be super busy and I’m sure she would love this!

Sneak peek for Mischa, my little niece

What is your favourite handmade gifts? Mine today is a handmade Mother’s Day card from Phoebe. Sweet!

Mother's Day card from Phoebe

10 Responses to “:: Creative Handmade Gifts & Eco Gift Wrapping ::”
  1. cheyannewong says:

    So nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I order one??? I will PAY you !!!!!!!!! So nice! So nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gisele says:

    Of course I’m making one for you and YM! šŸ™‚

  3. cheyannewong says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha!!!

  4. Sherine says:

    Wah very nice!!! I like it! Thank you in advance =D can’t wait to get it!

  5. Adilah says:


    so talented!!! I loike!! I wish u were back here so I can meet up with u more. I m bored lah!!

  6. bec says:

    So I finally figured out how to read your blog! Thank you for the photo album, we love it and can’t wait to fill it up with photos and memories. And now I know the story behind the making of it!

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