:: WT3 ::

WT3 stands for We Three Things. It started out with three passionate women and one weekly meeting. We love to support, share and just be there for each other.

Angie is a writer and she writes about being a mom and happiness. Recently, she’s into making bento. Those cute bento you see here are created by her. They taste DELICIOUS too!
Angie’s blog.

Iris works full-time but it’s not difficult to see what her passions are. She also make gorgeous bags and you can buy them here.
Iris’s blog.

Rebecca’s is our latest member and she’s a freelance journalist. She loves crafting as much as we do.
Rebecca’s website.

There’s a saying by Angie’s mom-in-law that goes “You need to ride the cow to get to the horse”, and I used to said that Iris’s the horse, Angie is the cow trying to get to the horse and I’m the snail trying to get to the cow. So I’m the snail, a tiny, contented and happy snail. I will eventually get there!

The last meeting was at Iris’s and I was lucky to have my camera with me that day.

Cute Bento Lunches

Too cute to eat!

Dandelion in Iris's vintage lace collection's box.

Iris and her Grandma's loom. Yeah, she weaves her OWN fabric.

Lovely shade of pink. Of course Iris spun her OWN yarn.

More pink spotted in the house!

More gorgeous yarn. I think I need to learn to knit.

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