:: Happy Birthday, Sista! ::

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday! Yes, I forgot, I’m such a bad little sister! I’m dedicating this post to my dearest sister! Happy Belated Birthday!

Sherine is one of the people I care most in this world. She’s someone I go to when I need to hear the truth. She’ll tell you as it is. She’ll tell you things that nobody will. Sometimes it’s not the nicest thing to hear but after you digest the words, everything starts to make sense. She grounds me.

When we were little, we fight, pull each other’s hair and got into trouble together. We also played and had fun. We got closer as we got older and especially after we became mothers. Now we talk about everything, gossip and laugh together even though we are live shores apart.

Three cheers to our wonderful sisterhood!

My sister in pink, gave me her favourite horse trike.

Do you have someone like my sister in your life?


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