:: Craft Project :: Cloud mobile ::

Phoebe had fever last night so she didn’t make it to school today. To make her feel better we decided to make a cheerful cloud mobile.

Here’s what we use:-
1. Clear plastic wrap.
2. Embroidery thread in white and blue.
3. Thick upholstery needle.
4. Cotton stuffings.
5. Felt in baby blue.
6. Wooden pegs.
7. Window markers in any color.
8. Scissors.

Materials you'll need.

1. Cut out along the outline marked by the window marker.

2. Mark a dotted line to guide sewing and sew along the dots.

3. Leave a small opening for the stuffings.

4. Stuff the cotton and sew up the opening.

5. Cut out raindrops from felt and glue it to the thread.

Working on the details.

6. Attach the strings of raindrops and rainbow to the cloud and hang it on your window! Done!

Great for hanging indoors too!

Think she's feeling better already!

We had a lot of fun making this craft, try it too!

2 Responses to “:: Craft Project :: Cloud mobile ::”
  1. cheyannewong says:

    It’s amazing where you get all your ideas from !!!! The cloud alone blew my mind away!! GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done, Phoebe and Mommy!!!!

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