:: Cool Science Experiment :: Rainbow Milk Swirl ::

Couple of weeks ago, Phoebe came home from school very happy and excited, trying to explain to me this cool science experiment that she did in school. After listening to her I realized we had those stuff in our kitchen and it sounds interesting and easy enough to try the experiment. So guided by her, we did this easy but amazing experiment together. We had heaps of fun watching the color swirls in the milk!

Here’s the scientific explanation of the experiment that I found on the internet:-
“Surface tension changes and turbulence.
At the start of the experiment, you have milk, mostly water, and the drops of food coloring (also in water solvent). The colors sort of “bead up”, mixing very slowly, because of surface tension between the milk (also containing milk fat, milk sugar, etc).
When you put the soap into the center, it quickly spreads out toward the edges, because it is a “surfactant”, an agent that greatly reduces surface tension. When the advancing surfactant wave hits the colors, the surface tension relaxes and the drops of color can mix MUCH faster.
The other thing that is happening is that the rapid mixing, caused by the introduction of surfactant into the system, causes turbulence that moves throughout the pan, causing the swirling patterns. There is a lot of randomness here, and that is why.”

You'll need : milk, dishwashing liquid and food coloring.

1. Add milk to a white plate and add food coloring.

2. Add more food coloring as desired.

3. Squirt some dishwashing liquid and watch the magic!

Amazing color!

*Note: I know most of you know that the end product is not edible but Phoebe did asked to drink the rainbow milk, so just a word of caution.

It does look yummy, doesn’t it?

2 Responses to “:: Cool Science Experiment :: Rainbow Milk Swirl ::”
  1. O says:


    We tried it and had so much fun. J thought of using oil and we did. It created tiny bubbles of color and was simply amazing. Love the art ideas. Definitely inspiring us!!



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