:: Inspiration :: Fabric Applique Art ::

Hello my friends,

Today, I’d like to share with you this amazing artist that I stumbled upon. If you love fabric like me, you’ll probably love her work too. Great inspiration for quilting projects!

Yoshie is an artist and illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. She works mostly with mixed sewing media. I just love the richness in color and texture with a dash of randomness.

Yoshie on how she creates:-
“First, I sketch the design in pencil, and draw the outlines in thread with a sewing machine. Next, I paint the hair and cheeks and other details in acrylics. Then I quickly stick on decorations, trying out different combinations and adding one element after another, and then the next thing I realise is that the work is done. It is always interesting, because I cannot predict how it is going to turn out.”

Official website here.

Interview by PingMag here.

Cat in lace

Alice in wonderland.

Love that garland!

Yoshie's craft room. I wanna be here!

Yoshie and her fabric collection.

Big bad wolf?

Too Cute!

Cows and balloons

Little red riding hood

Hearts and buttons.

Hopping bunny

More bunnies

Girl with a bunny


My day is definately brightens up by these cheerful illustrations Hope yours too!

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