:: Shanghai :: Utsuwa Meshi @ Jiashan Market ::

Hi my friends,

I had a chance to catch up with a few friends and their kids at this charming restaurant on Jiashan Market this week.

The owner has filled the restaurant with his extensive collection of beautiful antiques. Furniture, ceramics, old records, fans, posters, and other art forms makes every corner a pleasant surprise to discover.

The cleverly set up bouncy castle outside means parents can enjoy their meal while letting the kids have fun. Not to mention they also have bunnies and a parrot to keep them entertained.

They serve decent Japanese fare at a reasonable price.

More details here.

Jiashan Market is another amazing place that I need to mention. It’s a redesigned area with an old knitting factory from the 70’s and aims to be another green development in Shanghai that advocate eco-ism, design and sustainability.

More details here.

Jiashan Market

Dining space

Collection of antiques

Secret underground room

Old barber chair and fan

Outdoor bouncy castle

Beautiful peonies spotted just before we left

Do you know of any places like this in Singapore or other parts of the world?

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