:: Craft Project :: Easy Felt Cutout Handbag

Hi my friends,

Today, I’m sharing with you this super easy tutorial to make a super cute handbag for your little fashionistas!


You will need:

1. A decent size felt of any color of your choice (Phoebe choose purple, of course!).
2. Ball point pen (it works best with felt as it is difficult to draw on).
3. Scissors and/or pen knife.
4. Any pastry box or take out box with a handle.

You'll need these.

1. Trace the outline of the pastry box onto the felt.

2. Make sure all the parts are traced out.

3. Cut along the traced outline.

4. Finished cutting.

5. Assemble and viola! Your very own handbag! Feel free to add any extra bit of bling that makes you happy.

*Note: As you’ll need a fairly sharp scissors to cut felt, it’s advisable that adult does the cutting. Kids could do the tracing and putting the bag together.

That’s all for today! Send me pictures if try this craft!

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