:: 4 Habits Of Happy Women ::

Hi my friends,

Today, I’m sharing something to nourish the soul, different from the usual eye candies that I posts. Stumbled upon this article about happiness by Marcus Buckingham on Oprah (did I tell you I’m a BIG fan of her?) and find that it’s too hard not to pass it along.

Here’s some of the highlights of the 4 habits:

1. Focus on Moments, More Than Goals, Plans or Dreams

“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our disposition and not on our circumstances.”

2. Accept What They Find

Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation, giving up on your dreams. In fact, more often than not, accepting which moments strengthen you and which don’t reveals to you exactly how you can live out your dreams, whether at home or at work. It means not only being comfortable in your own skin, but also being creative in your own skin.

3. Strive for Imbalance

Strive for imbalance. Pinpoint the strong-moments in each aspect of your life and then gradually target or tilt your life toward them. This means being as deliberate as you can about making them happen. It means investigating them when they do happen, looking at them from new perspectives, and celebrating them. Above all, it means giving them the power of your attention.

4. Learn to Say Yes

So often you are told: “You must learn to say no.” But, to live your strongest life, do the opposite. Learn to say yes. Yes, to the strong-moments in each part of your life. Yes, to the people who help you create these moments. Yes, to your feelings as these moments happen. Say yes with enough focus and force, and yours will not be a balanced life, but it will be a full life.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. How often do you get to do things you really like to do?
2. How often do you find yourself actively looking forward to the day ahead?
3. How often do you get so involved in what you’re doing you lose track of time?
4. How often do you feel invigorated at the end of a long, busy day?
5. How often do you feel an emotional high in your life?

Read the full article here.

This makes me happy

Are you happy? I’m happy to report that I’m happy most of the time but I do get grumpy when I’m hungry, waiting in the line or when it’s too warm. The combination of these 3 would create murder!

Chocolate and exercise makes me happy all the time!

Have a great day ahead!


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