:: Sneak Peak :: Personalized Banner ::

Hi my friends,

What have you been up to? I’m been busy working on some custom orders for my banners and I had the honor to help my good friend, Teresa designing some for her kids’ room. Her sweet baby girl, the youngest member in our cooking mamas group is 8 months old and her son is almost 5, a bright and cheerful boy.

Jade-E is all sweet and girly so it’s kind of easy to design for her, I chose soft pink and layered tulle for some softness and pink floral lettering to add more sweetness to it.

Eren is extremely smart, active and is always happy. He’s turning 5 so I wanted something different from the usual blue and cars. I designed a bright neon yellow background, tone it down with some green nettings and colorful animal lettering for his name. I made sure that all the letters has some animals on them just to make it more fun, I can imagine him playing “I spy” on them.

work in progress

I think I need a sunglasses!

I had a lot of fun designing for them and hope it’ll bring them some joy too!

I’m taking orders now so if you like something you see here, please email me. I’d love to hear them!

You’ll be seeing another custom order in action tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Good night and have a great Friday!


2 Responses to “:: Sneak Peak :: Personalized Banner ::”
  1. SK says:

    nice work, Gisele!

  2. Cheyanne says:

    Cool banners!!!!!!!!!!

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