:: Easy Cookie Baking with Kids::

Hi friends, How was your week? Do you know that you can freeze unused cookie dough in the freezer? In our family, we bake cookies regularly but making the dough can be messy and take up some time. So, we like to make extra batches and freeze them in the freezer. The next time we … Continue reading

:: Hippie Love & Hippie Headband ::

Hello friends, Remember FiFi and FuFu? Fifi, the smaller fish passed away this morning. We were all very sad and buried FiFi in under a plant in our compound. I was surprised when I told Phoebe FiFi has died and gone to heaven to be with God and that we had to bury FiFi, she … Continue reading

:: Craft Project :: World Map Pinboard ::

Hi my friends, How was your weekend? I got this pin board made because of all the transitions that was going on, even when we’re not moving yet, this pin board has been serving it’s purpose. Shanghai is such a diverse city so it’s great to be able to show Phoebe where her friends are … Continue reading

:: Introducing FiFi and FuFu ::

Hi my friends, How was your week? It’s been an insane week for us this week when Royston decided to extend his contract in Shanghai. That means we would be staying in Shanghai for a little more while! Yeah, I know, after all the farewell and parties and now we’re staying! Ironic isn’t it? The … Continue reading

:: South East Asian Dinner ::

Hi my friends, Got over your Monday blues? Remember the south-eastern dinner I was telling you? We hosted about 10 people in our house last Saturday. Most of them are really close friends of ours in Shanghai and are from different part of the world. Here’s a fraction of the food we had that I … Continue reading

:: Craft Project :: Post Box ::

Hi my friends, How’s your weekend so far? We’re hosting a south-east asian dinner tonight for some of our friends here in Shanghai. Super easy but delicious food I promised! I’ll share some pictures if I have time to take them later. Anyway, today I’m sharing this super easy tutorial to make your very own … Continue reading

:: Lens From A Different Angle ::

Hi my friends, Some of you asked me what else is on my to-do-list in Shanghai from my previous post and I’ve been thinking really hard. I think it would be dinner at Jean George follow by a river cruise on the Huangpu river. I cannot believe that we’ve never taken the cruise in the … Continue reading

:: Shanghai Propaganda Museum ::

Hi my friends, Before we head home, we really want to see more of Shanghai and the Propaganda Museum is on the top of my list. Hidden in some alley, tucked away in the basement of some residential building, we finally found it! The posters are well-preserved, categorized by year and neatly put together by … Continue reading

:: Craft Project :: Giant Dandelion Painting ::

Hi my friends, Ever thought about making your own art for your home? I love to have art in our home. I love it even more if the piece of art has a story to tell. Today, I’m sharing with you this easy tutorial on making your own masterpiece! And trust me, nothing is more … Continue reading