:: Craft Project :: Giant Dandelion Painting ::

Hi my friends,

Ever thought about making your own art for your home?

I love to have art in our home. I love it even more if the piece of art has a story to tell.
Today, I’m sharing with you this easy tutorial on making your own masterpiece! And trust me, nothing is more fun than creating art with your loved ones! The fun of getting our hands dirty and the sense of accomplishment is just amazing!

1. These are what you'll need.

2. Mix a little bit of blue in the white acrylic paint.

3. Start painting the border with the paint mixture.

4. Finished border.

5. Paint 3 stalks for the dandelions.

6. Mix some yellow and white paint together.

7. Dot them onto the canvas with your thumb.

8. Fine tune by adding more blobs of paint.

9. Ta-Da! Finished artwork for your home!

The walkway in our home

I love it!

I love the imperfections in our artwork! It’s what makes it special and most importantly, it serves as a gentle reminder for us to accept the minor imperfections in our own life.

Beautiful artwork plus a great message! Love it!


4 Responses to “:: Craft Project :: Giant Dandelion Painting ::”
  1. bec says:

    I love it Gisele! What a wonderful idea and the end result looks so nice! This brings finger painting up a level.

  2. Cheyanne says:

    WOW!! That’s damn cool!!!!!!!!!! So talented and creative you are, my dear friend!!!!!!!!

  3. Teresa says:

    Beautiful ! A burst of energy !

    From your last pix, it looks like an abstract painting of the fireworks that we see during festive occasions in Shanghai !

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