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Hi my friends,

How’s your weekend so far? We’re hosting a south-east asian dinner tonight for some of our friends here in Shanghai. Super easy but delicious food I promised! I’ll share some pictures if I have time to take them later.

Anyway, today I’m sharing this super easy tutorial to make your very own post boxes. Does your kids write notes and letters to you? Phoebe loves to write notes, draw pictures and make books for me and her friends. She’s been pretending to be a postman so I’ve been thinking to make post boxes so she could put things in or receives them in surprise.

Have fun!

You'll need cereal boxes, paint, brushes, markers, pen knife, double sided tape and alphabet stickers

1. Draw a long rectangular box on the top of the cereal box.

2. Cut out the marked box with a pen knife.

3. Paint the cereal box with your desired color.

I used a neon yellow poster paint in this project.

4. Paint another layer of color.

5. Personalized and decorate.

6. Secure it on the wall with strong double-sided tape. Finished! Our very own post boxes in the house!

Start posting letters to your loved ones! She posts to herself.

Keep the resealable tabs on top of the cereal box.

Open the flap to retrieve the letters.

Phoebe inserted a key for extra security!

Are you inspired? I’ll be sharing more summer crafts so remember to check back here!

Have a great weekend!


6 Responses to “:: Craft Project :: Post Box ::”
  1. Cheyanne says:

    Cool idea. But do u have to cut a hold at the bottom as well to take out the letters? Or just take the whole box down and make a new one, when it’s full?

    • Gisele says:

      Good question! No need babe, keep the original resealable flap on top so you can retrieve the letters.

      I’ve added new photos for clearer instructions!

  2. Lee TingTing says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas. Very nice. By the way your shop is in Singapore or online?

    • Gisele says:

      Hi Teng Teng,

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy to see you here! My shop is online and currently I’m operating it from Shanghai. You can click on the shop icon on the right panel on this blog to take a look.

  3. bec says:

    This reminds me of the Valentine box my parents made. Before every Valentine’s Day everyone in my family made cards for each other and put them in the box, to be pulled out one by one on the day itself. I don’t know who decorated the box, but it was covered in tissue paper and hearts, and we used it every year. I think it is still in my parent’s attic.

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