:: Introducing FiFi and FuFu ::

Hi my friends,

How was your week?

It’s been an insane week for us this week when Royston decided to extend his contract in Shanghai. That means we would be staying in Shanghai for a little more while! Yeah, I know, after all the farewell and parties and now we’re staying! Ironic isn’t it? The only one problem though is, I took Phoebe out from her school so now we have to find a new school for her. I’ve been on a school hunt for the past couple of days but so far nothing that I quite like.

One of the thing I stopped doing when we knew we were going back was buying new plants and flowers for the house and I’m happy to announce that I finally got some and more today, two pet fish for Phoebe.

We’d always had flowers in the house for the love of their fragrance and elegance. I especially love orchid because they remind me of sunny Singapore but most importantly they are easy to maintain, gorgeous, blooms for months and much cheaper here than home. After flowerless for months you cannot imagine how happy I was to have them back!

We saw these cute little trunkfish at the flower market and immediately fell in love with them! Phoebe’s been asking for a pet and I think now she’s mature enough to handle them.

FuFu and FiFi

Home sweet home!

She's obsessed about looking at them and feeding them!

Gorgeous! I wish I know they name.

Love them in the house!

More orchid!

Finally filled up my mini wall vases that's been empty for a while.

Details of the flower market here.

I remember growing up with pets in my family. Dogs, fish, hamsters, rabbits, turtles and birds were common. What about you? Do you have pets when you were little?

Have a great weekend!


One Response to “:: Introducing FiFi and FuFu ::”
  1. Cheyanne says:

    Wahhhhhhhh so nice!!!!!!!! really homely feel in your place!!!!!!! So you’re staying in Shanghai??? So we can come visit!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! hahahaahah!!!!!!

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