:: Hippie Love & Hippie Headband ::

Hello friends,

Remember FiFi and FuFu? Fifi, the smaller fish passed away this morning. We were all very sad and buried FiFi in under a plant in our compound. I was surprised when I told Phoebe FiFi has died and gone to heaven to be with God and that we had to bury FiFi, she said she knew! She said when she and her friends found a dead butterfly in school, they buried it too! To my horror she said they tried to find it the next day just like a treasure hunt! I almost fell of the chair. It took me a while to explain to her what death and rest in peace means.

Anyway, back to the topic of the day, I’ve always love hippie style even though I can’t exactly pull it off. It’s definitely been a great source of inspiration!

Hippie Love

Hippie headband with posie hairclip

Hippie headband in twinkleshop

Hippie headband will be available in twinkleshop soon! Suitable for both adult and kids.


2 Responses to “:: Hippie Love & Hippie Headband ::”
  1. Cheyanne says:

    Your little model is truly ideal for showing off your wares! hahahaha!!! How come the fish died so fast…? Don’t over feed ah.. My dad say wan.. hahahaha!! Fish tend to forget they ate.. so they can eat non stop and MATI..

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