:: Organizing Art Supplies @ Home ::

Hi friends,

Do you have a lot of art supplies at home like me? Do you have a specific system to organize them? I find it especially challenging to organize those nitty-gritty, small art supplies that we use regularly, like googly eyes, sequins and buttons.

One of the tools that I love to use is the egg carton. The individual compartments are perfect for small supplies and they fit nicely in the drawer. I usually takes out the whole carton from the drawer straight to our table when we have an art project. You could also stack them up the drawer to save more space. Best of all, it’s free and easily available.

For stickers, I do have a secret confession that I love to collect them, plus I scrapbook so the amount I that I have is quite a bit. I use a clear folder to organize them into different categories, from Christmas to Halloween and birthdays and so on.

So here’s a peek on some of my art supplies.

Egg carton art supplies caddy

Pegs, pegs and more pegs

Stickers organizer

One Response to “:: Organizing Art Supplies @ Home ::”
  1. Cheyanne says:

    Wahhhhhhhhh U damn rajin…… haha!

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