:: DIY Project :: Keepsake Tin Cases

Hi friends,

What do you do with all the tin cases in your house? Do you secretly collects them but don’t know what to do with them? How about jazzing them up a little for organizing small stuff in the house?

I was originally inspired by my friend’s sewing box here and realized I could do the same with Phoebe’s candy boxes. The trick is you need to have some fancy papers like the one you see here. They are called origami papers and I heard MUJI has them.

Here’s the tutorial:-

1. You'll need fancy papers, pen, scissors, glue stick and of course a tin case.

2. Turn the case upside down and trace the outline on the wrong side of the paper.

3. Cut out the traced outline with a pair of scissors.

4. Apply adhesive on the bottom of the tin case. I just use the usual glue stick.

5. Viola! Your fancy keepsake box is ready! Repeat on the lid if you wish!

Another one!

They are so pretty!!

I love the simplicity of this project and the amazing end-result it yields!

Are you inspired? Don’t forget to send me pictures!

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