:: Holiday in Xiamen ::

Hi friends,

Let me tell you about our short holiday in Xiamen. Xiamen is a beautiful coastal city two hours away from Shanghai by flight. The city is clean, organized and easy to get around. We had a lot of fun exploring the city and trying out different local food.

The main attraction in Xiamen is a car-free, small and charming island called Gulangyu. It has nice beaches, museums, streets filled with cafes and shops.

Read more about Xiamen here.

Here’s some interesting food pictures:-

Local delicacies, mini octopus and collagen infused worms jello

Traditional snacks in Xiamen, peanut soup, spring roll and fishball soup

Street food, fried oysters pancake and skewers

Shop selling dried seafood, sharkfin, scallop, cuttlefish and etc.


A three-person bicycle to explore the beach

A turtle sunbathing at the Nanputou temple

Beautiful hundred-year-old trees everywhere

Ferry ride to the Gulangyu Island

A cafe selling Dutch wooden shoes and Christmas ornaments

Hiding from the sunny sun

We didn’t have a chance to visit Tulou or Hakka House this time, which was 3 hours car ride away (6 hours for two-way!), so Xiamen we are definitely coming back for you!

Where did you go for holiday this year?


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