:: Our Favorite Rainy Day Activity : Shaving Cream Fun! ::

Hi friends,

How was your week? Today is the first day Phoebe started her new school. This week passes really quickly with the preparation for her new school. Orientation, getting school supplies and spending some quality time with her before she starts school became top priority.

The past few weeks was raining a lot in Shanghai and I don’t think it ends yet. I remember it rained a lot last year. One of our favorite rainy day activity is playing with the shaving cream (Yes, it’s true!). It’s so easy and so much fun! Not only that, they are easy to clean up, smells nice, easily available and very very versatile. There’s so many things you could do with it, drawing and writing on any surface, we like windows, mirrors and tables. You could make sculpture, pretend play for cake decorating and so much more! You can even add some food coloring or glitters for extra fun! On top of that, it’s a great way to encourage and practice writing skills!

Generously spread some shaving cream. Feel free to use any tools you can find.

That's me that she's drawing!

Yes, I'm a princess! Can't you tell?

It says "Phoebe Loves Mommy". Sweet!

Do you have a favorite rainy day activity?

3 Responses to “:: Our Favorite Rainy Day Activity : Shaving Cream Fun! ::”
  1. stella says:

    This is fun!!!! Your idea of using shaving cream is brilliant!!! It has been raining quite frequently here too. Today is teacher’s day holiday, i am going to dig out the shaving cream for some fun -_*
    Thanks for sharing!! Is Phoebe going back the same old school?

  2. Gisele says:

    Hey Stella,
    I was just thinking about calling you! 🙂 Phoebe’s in another school but her previous school will have a vacancy for her starting Oct! So she’ll just be in the new school for a month.

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