:: Happy Mooncake Holiday! ::

Hi my friends,

How are you? It’s been a while since my last post, since everything is starting to fall back in place, I hope I’ll have more time to share the things I love with you!

Today is an official public holiday in China and it’s call the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival. In my hometown in Malaysia, we grew up carrying traditional paper lanterns around the house and playing with candles on the night of that day. Not forgetting, of course eating lots of mooncake. As time changes and for various safety reasons, the lanterns have been replaced by plastic, battery operated toys(some lanterns can even sing and blow bubbles) that comes in many popular characters that you can imagine. I would say Angry Birds is very popular this year.

Our close friend Teresa had us over her place yesterday and we had a blast! The adults prepared a South East Asian feast, including the famous popiah, hokkien mee and homemade durian ice-cream! Some ingredients are hand-carried all the way from Singapore to ensure the originality of their taste. These are the elite members of the cooking mamas club. Their pursuit of food excellence is out of this world and something that I can only imagine and admire. I’m so lucky to have them in my life (and their husband and kids and grandkids)!

The kids had tons of fun carrying traditional paper lanterns around the chinese pavilions in the compound (surprisingly they all prefer the traditional paper lanterns over the electric ones). We played with sparklers and the party ended with chocolate Haagen Daz ice cream mooncake. What can be better than that!

Here are some some the photos! Enjoy!

The popiah station

The kids and their lanterns

Some sparklers fun!

Coincidentally one of the boy's birthday! 🙂 More chocolate!

What did you do this year?


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