:: Shanghai :: Halloween ::

Happy Halloween! Before I had kids, the Halloween that I know is an excuse for adults to dress up, get drunk and party. In Shanghai, part and parcel about living in international communities is the exposure to different cultures. Halloween is one of them and is now officially Phoebe’s favourite holiday! Trick or treating is … Continue reading

:: Inspiration :: Cut Out Letters

Can you believe these are actually paper cutting and not the pages from a notebook? Artist Ann Vought is the creator behind these interesting and intricate paper cutting. She elevates “writing” into a new art form by painstakingly cutting the script text out of letters and notes to create a typographic display of words and … Continue reading

:: Scrapbooking :: Yearly Scrapbook ::

I don’t consider myself as a serious scrapbooker but I definitely enjoy making and looking at scrapbooks. There’s something magical about looking and touching tangible photos compare to looking at them on the computer. It feels more human, warm and intimate. Scrapbooking can also be very time-consuming because it requires a lot of effort. I … Continue reading

:: Inspiration :: Chevron ::

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. I like chevron and I’m seeing a lot of them lately. And who does it better than Missoni? Missoni recently partnered with target and started a line on low-price designer collection from clothing to home wares, bedding and even bicycles. Target website crashed and almost everything were … Continue reading

:: Inspiration :: Soap ring ::

Can you believe that these delicate and beautiful rings are made out of soap and infused with essential oils? The genius behind this? Korean artist Kyeokkim created these lovely pieces as part of her Jewellery as Second Skin series. The idea is that as you wash your hands, the ring slowly disappears leaving your hands … Continue reading

:: Shanghai :: Children’s Book ::The Adventure of Mimilu, the wandering cat ::

I love picture books. I’ve been looking out for a children’s book about Shanghai and when I saw this book, I immediately fell in love with it. I will be sharing more books that I love in the future, especially chinese story books that Phoebe and I love. Today , I’m sharing with you a … Continue reading

:: Inspiration :: Pretty Embroidery::

Stumbled upon some gorgeous embroidery images and thought I’ll share them with you here. Makes me want to run to my studio and get my needle and thread…. From here. From flickr. From astockphotos. More from seedy5. Inspired? This place has some amazing tutorial. Enjoy! 🙂

:: DIY Ideas :: Halloween Part 3 :: Food ::

Ready for the final series of the DIY Halloween ideas? Today, I’m sharing with you some food ideas for your upcoming Halloween party. Here are some of my favorites:- Mummy pizza from parents.com. Spider lollies from ohdeedoh. Marshmallow withes from tasteofhome.com. Mummified Hershey bar from theidearoom. Have fun! Gisele

:: Inspiration :: Feathers ::

We all know that feather is big this year but artist Kate MccGwuire totally take it to another level. Beautiful sculpture made out of feathers looks breathtakingly gorgeous. Imagine seeing them in person? I think I might just faint! These breathtaking art from Kate MccGwire. Wonder where she got the feathers? “I started to pick … Continue reading

:: DIY Project :: Autumn Leaves Collage ::

I woke up this morning and realize that I can no longer access to my blog! China has blocked wordpress!!! Facebook, youtube, blogspot and now wordpress! I can’t even describe how I feel right now. Coming from a country where one can freely access to any information, this is totally insane! I cannot believe I … Continue reading