:: Shanghai :: Nostalgic Old-Style CHA Restaurant ::

Hi there,

How was your weekend? If you don’t already know, today is the third day of the week-long official Public Holidays in China. We are taking it easy after a busy plus rainy week. We had friends visiting, farewell lunches and dinners and my favourite of all, a barbecue party, Argentinian style hosted by our good friends, Carlos and Ruth!

The "MAN" for the barbecue!

Sorry, I sidetracked a little.
I actually wanted to share with you this old-style Cantonese restaurant called CHA Restaurant. It doesn’t need anymore introduction to most of my friends, this restaurants originates from Hong Kong, serves down-to earth, authentic Cantonese cuisine at reasonable prices. Downside? Expect to wait for tables at lunch and dinner hours.

Old-Style Cantonese Restaurant

Crates of bottled Coca-Colas at the entryway

Look at the beautiful motif on the metal gate!

Behind the bar, the legendary milk tea!

A wall full of colorful boards.

Spotted a vintage fan and TV that actually works!

Want the details? Here!

2 Responses to “:: Shanghai :: Nostalgic Old-Style CHA Restaurant ::”
  1. Cheyanne says:

    Ahhhh I wanna go VISIT u tooooooo!!!!! hahahahha!!

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