:: DIY Project :: Autumn Leaves Collage ::

I woke up this morning and realize that I can no longer access to my blog! China has blocked wordpress!!! Facebook, youtube, blogspot and now wordpress! I can’t even describe how I feel right now. Coming from a country where one can freely access to any information, this is totally insane! I cannot believe I have to get a VPN service so I could still manage and see my blog (something I definitely took for granted in my home country)!

Sorry for the venting, the good news is I am more resourceful than ever and I’ll have more great things to share in the future. Also, and I can be more active in social media! Hooray for that!

Autumn is here! Today I am sharing with you an Autumn craft I did with Phoebe.
Cool and crisp weather to enjoy for the weeks to come before the arrival of the cold, grueling winter.

Fallen leaves are abundance and everywhere so we collected some for our autumn craft project.

1. First, you need to collect a variety of leaves.
2. Then place them flat under a thick book and press them for about a week.
3. Take them out after a week, they should be nice and flat.
4. Prepare a canvas and paint it with a semi-dry baby blue paint for your ocean floor.
5. On another canvas or paper, practice the placement of the leaves.
6. Transfer the leaves to the painted canvas with spray glue or white glue.
7. Detailing. Add eyes, teeth and expressions to your artwork!
8. Done!

Fresh from the press after a week!

Our extensive leaves collection.

Work on the placement on another canvas before placing it on the actual one.

Ta-da! Our aquarium is done!

Details! Details! Details!

We have leftover leaves from this project and I’m thinking to turn them into bookmarks.

Any other ideas?


2 Responses to “:: DIY Project :: Autumn Leaves Collage ::”
  1. Cheyanne says:

    How come they never teach us this in school?? hahahahha!!! Creative genius, you are!!

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