:: Inspiration :: Feathers ::

We all know that feather is big this year but artist Kate MccGwuire totally take it to another level. Beautiful sculpture made out of feathers looks breathtakingly gorgeous. Imagine seeing them in person? I think I might just faint!

Sculpture made from feathers.

Breathtakingly gorgeous!

These breathtaking art from Kate MccGwire.

Wonder where she got the feathers?

“I started to pick up molted pigeon feathers in the park around 2007 within a couple of months I had a collection of about 400. I realized quickly their potential for a larger scale piece where I would need thousands.
I contacted pigeon racing clubs and racing enthusiasts throughout the UK, asking them to send me their molted feathers that would normally be discarded as rubbish – now three years later, I have approximately 200 individuals who regularly send me envelopes full of pigeon feathers. I frequently keep them updated with images of my work and have been delighted with the incredible support they have given. This collaborative aspect of collecting to acquire materials has become an integral part of the process of making my work.”
{Kate MccGwuire via this interview with juxtapoz magazine}

Inspired for some feather crafts?
These pretty DIY fabric feathers are not bad!

Pretty DIY fabric feathers.

Tutorial from 100layercake.

Or a poster?

How a bout a poster?

Feather poster from sociotree.

Have fun!


2 Responses to “:: Inspiration :: Feathers ::”
  1. Cheyanne says:

    Aiks… BE careful bird flu ah……..!!

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