:: Shanghai :: Children’s Book ::The Adventure of Mimilu, the wandering cat ::

I love picture books. I’ve been looking out for a children’s book about Shanghai and when I saw this book, I immediately fell in love with it.

I will be sharing more books that I love in the future, especially chinese story books that Phoebe and I love.

Today , I’m sharing with you a book about a cat and its adventure in Shanghai’s best known landmark, the Bund.

The book is written in three languages, English , Chinese and French. Beautifully illustrated with the main character, a white cat named Mimilu that left home, wandered and got lost in the Bund. She met many interesting people and wandered off to a series of interesting places before she finally found her way home.

The author, Huang Shi, was once a bus conductor working on a public bus that traversed through the Bund many times a day.

There’s something magical about reading a book that has familiar images of places that we could relate to. Phoebe loves this book and when we revisited those landmarks at the Bund, she said “Mimilu had been here before!”.

The cover

Familiar architecture at the Bund

List of all the architecture featured in the book

What are you reading to you kid?

2 Responses to “:: Shanghai :: Children’s Book ::The Adventure of Mimilu, the wandering cat ::”
  1. bec says:

    where’d you find it? seems like a great gift for my niece!

  2. Gisele says:

    Hey Bec,

    We go it at the bookstore inside the Shanghai library.

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