:: Shanghai :: Halloween ::

Happy Halloween!

Before I had kids, the Halloween that I know is an excuse for adults to dress up, get drunk and party.

In Shanghai, part and parcel about living in international communities is the exposure to different cultures. Halloween is one of them and is now officially Phoebe’s favourite holiday!

Trick or treating is always the highlights for the kids.

It’s also another great opportunity to dress up the house and have a few friends over.

This year, our family and a few neighbors organized a small Halloween activity within our compound. A treasure hunt was part of the fun and the kids enjoyed the hunt for goodies with their torch in the dark.

It was raining but it didn’t stop any of the fun! The kids wore raincoat and had enjoyed the wet treasure hunt and trick or treating!

Giant spider in the house!

More Halloween decor!

Red velvet Halloween cupcakes! Yum!

Trick or treating!

A witch with an umbrella!

What did you do for Halloween?


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