:: Shanghai :: Hairy Crab Season ::

One of the comforts before the arrival of the grueling winter will be the Hairy Crabs season!

Yes, it the most anticipated season of the year, when one gets to enjoy the succulent tiny little crabs blessed with a massive amount of golden creamy roe. And only, exclusively in China.

During this season, in every corner of a street you’ll find a shop, sprung from nowhere, selling nothing but these crabs. The most famous ones are from Yang Cheng Lake in Suzhou, where every single crab comes with an authenticity tag that differs them from the other crabs sourced elsewhere in the country. Serious crab eaters commute two hours from Shanghai to enjoy fresh crabs from the lake.

Eating them is no easy task, hairy crab lovers usually equip themselves with professional tools designed especially for their feast. Also, there are certain rules and procedures to follow when preparing and eating these hairy crabs.

For those of us coming from Southeast Asia, the cradle of seafood, we are more familiar with the big, gigantic Sri Lankan crabs easily the size of half a football. So adjusting to this smaller cousin may take some time, but they taste totally different, of course, in a good way.

I never liked them until last year, when a good friend of mine gave me some really really huge and good ones. So I’ve been looking forward to this season and I’m having them for dinner tonight! 🙂

More hairy crab 101 here.

Crabs for dinner?

Smiley face on the crab shell!

Or watch a video from selecting to eating your crabsfooddiscoveries.com

Have you had yours this Autumn?


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