:: Scrapbooking :: Yearly Scrapbook ::

I don’t consider myself as a serious scrapbooker but I definitely enjoy making and looking at scrapbooks. There’s something magical about looking and touching tangible photos compare to looking at them on the computer. It feels more human, warm and intimate. Scrapbooking can also be very time-consuming because it requires a lot of effort. I … Continue reading

:: DIY Project :: Framed Shoes ::

Hi friends, Do you keep things? I don’t think I’m a hoarder but I do find it difficult to throw away things especially when it comes to Phoebe’s. I’ve been secretly keeping all her shoes for the past 5 years. Every pair brings back flashback of happy memories and moments that I want to remember … Continue reading

:: DIY Project :: Keepsake Tin Cases

Hi friends, What do you do with all the tin cases in your house? Do you secretly collects them but don’t know what to do with them? How about jazzing them up a little for organizing small stuff in the house? I was originally inspired by my friend’s sewing box here and realized I could … Continue reading

:: Organizing Art Supplies @ Home ::

Hi friends, Do you have a lot of art supplies at home like me? Do you have a specific system to organize them? I find it especially challenging to organize those nitty-gritty, small art supplies that we use regularly, like googly eyes, sequins and buttons. One of the tools that I love to use is … Continue reading

:: Craft Project :: Easy Envelope Book

Hi my friends, Today, I’m sharing with you a tutorial on how to make an envelope book, the easy way. Originally inspired by this but I kind of simplified it big time. I inherited a stash of fancy fabric from my friend Cate. Beautiful brocade, Indian silk, velvet and embroidered silk, just to name a … Continue reading

:: What To Do With Kid’s Artwork? Top 10 Ways To Manage Kid’s Artwork ::

“Every child is an artist.” ~Pablo Picasso I love Phoebe’s artwork! They never lack of originality, imagination and surprises. Each of them is a reminder of her growth and a mark on the milestones. I’ve been collecting them for years now and I have tons of them. And I mean TONS of them. If you … Continue reading

Organizing Ideas Around The House

Love these clever ideas to organize little things in the house. Do you have your favourite?