:: Twinkle’s First Bazaar! ::

Happy Thanksgiving! It has been rewarding and exciting to share things that I love with you since I started twinkle. I just wanted to say a big thank you for supporting twinkle, making this tiny speck of star so very special and shine ever so brightly! I’m thrilled to announce that twinkle will be participating … Continue reading

:: Shanghai :: Fresh Red Dates ::

Have you seen fresh red dates before? For more than thirty years, I never knew they look like this when they are fresh! My nice Shanghainese neighbor brought me these bright looking fruits the other day and I was stunned when they told me that they were red dates! They tasted like very very crunchy … Continue reading

:: Shanghai :: Hairy Crab Season ::

One of the comforts before the arrival of the grueling winter will be the Hairy Crabs season! Yes, it the most anticipated season of the year, when one gets to enjoy the succulent tiny little crabs blessed with a massive amount of golden creamy roe. And only, exclusively in China. During this season, in every … Continue reading

:: Shanghai :: Halloween ::

Happy Halloween! Before I had kids, the Halloween that I know is an excuse for adults to dress up, get drunk and party. In Shanghai, part and parcel about living in international communities is the exposure to different cultures. Halloween is one of them and is now officially Phoebe’s favourite holiday! Trick or treating is … Continue reading

:: Shanghai :: Nostalgic Old-Style CHA Restaurant ::

Hi there, How was your weekend? If you don’t already know, today is the third day of the week-long official Public Holidays in China. We are taking it easy after a busy plus rainy week. We had friends visiting, farewell lunches and dinners and my favourite of all, a barbecue party, Argentinian style hosted by … Continue reading

:: MOCA Shanghai :: Pixar Animation Exhibition::

We had a chance to visit the Pixar Animation Exhibition over the long weekend. Thanks Angie from doubledhappiness for telling me about this amazing event! There’re lots of amazing original artworks and sketches from Finding Nemo, Monster’s Inc, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars, just to name a few. Histories and storyboards behind these famous animations, … Continue reading

:: Happy Mooncake Holiday! ::

Hi my friends, How are you? It’s been a while since my last post, since everything is starting to fall back in place, I hope I’ll have more time to share the things I love with you! Today is an official public holiday in China and it’s call the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival. In my … Continue reading

:: Shanghai Science & Technology Museum : Rainbow Land::

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is a popular place for parents to take their kids to during the summer holidays. What is interesting here is the newly open and renovated section called “Rainbow Land”. It’s filled with rainbow-colored walkway, interesting mirror mazes and lots of cool and interesting exhibits that encourages exploration. Kids could also … Continue reading

:: Introducing FiFi and FuFu ::

Hi my friends, How was your week? It’s been an insane week for us this week when Royston decided to extend his contract in Shanghai. That means we would be staying in Shanghai for a little more while! Yeah, I know, after all the farewell and parties and now we’re staying! Ironic isn’t it? The … Continue reading

:: South East Asian Dinner ::

Hi my friends, Got over your Monday blues? Remember the south-eastern dinner I was telling you? We hosted about 10 people in our house last Saturday. Most of them are really close friends of ours in Shanghai and are from different part of the world. Here’s a fraction of the food we had that I … Continue reading