:: DIY Tutorial :: Magnetic Vintage Stamps::

Do you have some ugly magnets sitting on your refrigerator door? How about giving them a new look with a few simple steps? *Tips: You can basically use any stickers or use any image that you like, if they’re not stickers, just use some double sided tape to make them one! Originally inspired by this … Continue reading

:: DIY Project :: Keepsake Tin Cases

Hi friends, What do you do with all the tin cases in your house? Do you secretly collects them but don’t know what to do with them? How about jazzing them up a little for organizing small stuff in the house? I was originally inspired by my friend’s sewing box here and realized I could … Continue reading

:: Craft Project :: Post Box ::

Hi my friends, How’s your weekend so far? We’re hosting a south-east asian dinner tonight for some of our friends here in Shanghai. Super easy but delicious food I promised! I’ll share some pictures if I have time to take them later. Anyway, today I’m sharing this super easy tutorial to make your very own … Continue reading

:: Craft Project :: Giant Dandelion Painting ::

Hi my friends, Ever thought about making your own art for your home? I love to have art in our home. I love it even more if the piece of art has a story to tell. Today, I’m sharing with you this easy tutorial on making your own masterpiece! And trust me, nothing is more … Continue reading