:: Shanghai :: Fresh Red Dates ::

Have you seen fresh red dates before? For more than thirty years, I never knew they look like this when they are fresh! My nice Shanghainese neighbor brought me these bright looking fruits the other day and I was stunned when they told me that they were red dates! They tasted like very very crunchy … Continue reading

:: Shanghai :: Hairy Crab Season ::

One of the comforts before the arrival of the grueling winter will be the Hairy Crabs season! Yes, it the most anticipated season of the year, when one gets to enjoy the succulent tiny little crabs blessed with a massive amount of golden creamy roe. And only, exclusively in China. During this season, in every … Continue reading

:: The Cooking Mamas ::

No, this is not the game in your iPhone but a group of Singaporean and Malaysian moms and grandma in Shanghai that bond through the love of cooking. When you’re around Singaporeans, food and shopping will top any conversation. Never lack of the best and latest information about everything. Beautiful, intelligent and resourceful, these are … Continue reading

:: Shanghai :: The Cool Docks

The Cool Docks is the latest place in Shanghai to be seen but few knows that it is actually a great hangout place for family! After months of winter, I’m ready to take my shoes off and walk on a sandy beach while watching Phoebe building sand castles in the sun. All this can be … Continue reading

::Shanghai:: Old Station Restaurant

Want to see Shanghai the good-ol way? This charming restaurant serves Shanghainese food and you could actually choose to dine in the carriage. Great place to take visitors and kids, Phoebe was fascinated by the idea of having lunch on a train. Her only complain was the train wasn’t moving. More details here.

Inspiration: Book Cafe 1984

One of the thing I love about Shanghai is exploring and discovering new and exciting places. It’s like a treasure hunt and you never know what you are going to find. I knew I found treasure when I discovered this hidden cafe along the road I walk past almost everyday. I didn’t know why they’re … Continue reading

Crafting Adventure in Shanghai

First guest post from Rebecca Kanthor:- Travel Crafty in Shanghai An international city in its past and present, Shanghai’s architecture and style has so many design influences from around the world and China that your eyes will keep busy trying to catch them all. It’s a design-oriented city, but you have to keep your eyes … Continue reading

Inspiration : Simplicity and Elegance

Flowers always inspire me but my friend, Ying totally took it to another level. I love the way she blends everything so perfectly. The harmonious blend of rustic furniture, clear glass vases and aura of flowers just take my breath away. You can find her here. What inspires you?

Update : Japan’s Earthquake Fundraising

It was raining but it didn’t stop people from coming to te bazaar. There were used books, toys, clothes, food, coffee and etc. The bazaar lasted merely an hour but the response was overwhelming! It’s nice to see the community coming together in times like this for help and support. The school collected over RMB … Continue reading

Find Of The Day

Another surprise find. This time is at the Yu Garden in Shanghai. This place is more commonly known as the number one tourist spot in Shanghai. Few people knows that around this place it is also a wholesale hub for small businesses. You can find wholesale accessories, stationeries, cosmetic pouch, paper bags, wrapping paper, ribbons, … Continue reading